Project Management

We use the Microsoft Sure Step project management framework which enable us to deploy, migrate, configure, and upgrade Microsoft Dynamics solutions efficiently.

What Is Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step?

The Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology is a comprehensive customer engagement methodology describing the processes and disciplines necessary to implement Microsoft Dynamics products such as Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV andCRM.

Because implementations have many similarities across these products, Sure Step has been structured as a general methodology with a product-specific layer for each product. The general content consists primarily of prescriptive phase-by-phase and activity-by-activity descriptions for completing an implementation, and also includes information on the Project Management discipline. The product-specific content is represented by tools and templates as well as hyperlinks to materials that can be found outside of the tool

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step

  • A consistent methodology, project management tools and advice, and field-tested best practices – all within user-friendly tools – that enables Respect Solution to more efficiently deploy, migrate to, configure, and upgrade Microsoft Dynamics solutions.
  • Drives productivity by providing a consistent approach and a standard set of tools and templates that help ensure customers’ projects are completed efficiently, adding immediate business value, which promotes high customer satisfaction.
  • Helps Respect Solution to work more easily with other partners – as well as with Microsoft Consultants, when
    appropriate – on large, multi-site, or multi-region implementations. It also helps us work more efficiently
    with independent software vendors (ISVs) who provide third-party solutions or expertise.
  • Assurance that we are using the same approach as others involved in the project to drive toward a successful customer implementation.

Sure Step Phases:

Sure Step helps improve service delivery and efficiency to achieve increased profitability and customer satisfaction. This can be accomplished because Sure Step provides a consistent framework and a repeatable process that helps improve customer experience. All of this helps you hone the way you deploy Microsoft Dynamics solutions


The diagnostic phase contains the analysis of the customer process at a very high level. The focus of the diagnostic phase is the project initialization: To setup a project plan and agree on an approach and scope definition.


In the analysis phase, most of the business processes are identified and documented at a high level. If necessary, an external specialist helps you to do so. The goal of the analysis phase is to understand the customer’s business and the processes performed. Modeling and documenting the customer’s business is important. Microsoft provides a new tool for modeling called Microsoft Sure Step Business Modeler.


The main purpose of the design phase is to find out how the customer’s processes and needs can be implemented with Dynamics. At this point, there may be more than one solution for a topic. You need to identify the best strategy for the implementation phase. Although prototyping is not covered in Sure Step, this is the point where to build prototypes and do load testing on the prototype implementation.


Most programming work is done during the development phase. Development covers the creation of new features and the adaptation of existing features, as well as data migration. All features and data migration have to be tested. In addition to feature and data migration testing, it is necessary to carry out security testing. The phase ends when most of the specified features are developed and tested and the data migration is complete.


The goal of the deployment phase is to setup the operational dynamics environment with the customer. In addition to installation, configuration and feature deployment, this phase focuses on testing at the system level. We run user acceptance tests, process tests, security tests and load tests, as defined in the test plan. When the system runs and all tests pass, the deployment phase is finished.

Operation, optimization and upgrade

the other key phases in this methodology.


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